Events in Romsey

Situated in the Southern coast of England, Romsey is an amazing town, rich in history and in culture. It’s said that Romsey’s biggest asset is not its factories or its natural resources, but its people. And once you look at the history of the town you realize that this is true. The town has suffered greatly, both with natural events such as the Black Plague, which killed half of the town’s population, and with economical setbacks. The industries that the town relied on have been replaced several times, but the population hung on, worked on and found new ways to keep the town alive and prospering.

There’s no greater testament to the town’s people’s great giving spirit than the town’s many events. Often they are organized and manned by volunteer townsfolk who give it all to make every event a great success. This means that there are several events going on in the town that are definitely worth a trip.

One of the most fun events in Romsey is the Mayor’s Picnic. There is music and a great number of stalls that you can visit, but the most fun part of the day is the “Duck Race”, when several plastic ducks are set afloat on the river Test and people bet on which will be the winning duck. But Romsey is also famous for its cultural festivals and events. The Beggars Fair, for example, is held on the streets and pubs of Romsey and it focuses primarily on music and dance, although there is some room for other performing arts. Those looking for more conventional art will enjoy the Romsey Arts Festival, that features exhibitions in several venues, as well as street performances and musical performances by renowned stars as well as by the local bands.

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