A different weekend

Often people complain that they get involved in a routine and they can’t get out of it. And if this is relatively normal when it comes to your weekday work routine, when you start getting a boring routine for your free time and especially your weekend, then you have a problem. The fact is that when your weekend falls into a routine it’s a matter of a lack of ideas or imagination, so it’s time to start mixing it up and finding new things to do.

Our personal suggestion if for you to make a trip down to Romsey and see what you can do around there. For the more distracted person it may sound like a relatively small town in the South of England, and with Southampton nearby one may wonder why go to Romsey. But the truth is if you want to spend a truly different weekend and break the routine of city life, then Romsey is an amazing place to be.

The town is relatively small, but there are a lot of things that you can do. If you’re into fishing, trout fishing in the river Test is very popular and it’s a lot of fun. If you are really into something completely different, you can take full advantage of the natural beauty of the place. You can go bird watching, which is always something very relaxing, or you can go all out and go out into sea or to a lookout point near the sea and observe the local fauna. Dolphins, whales and even sharks can be observed in the sea near Romsey. Maybe you can even plan ahead and take your entire family out to sea and see all those animals up close.

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