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The Romsey Show

Romsey is a simply amazing town on the south of England. There is a lot that the town has to offer, but in our opinion two events in the town’s social calendar stand out: the Mayor’s Picnic and the Romsey Show. The Mayor’s Picnic is very much a family event in Romsey that gathers the […]

Romsey’s Events and Activities

Romsey is a busy town, especially for it’s size. There is various events and activities taking place all year long. No matter what time of year you visit, you can find something to see and do in this popular Hampshire town. Through out the city, no matter what season, there are fairs, carnivals, shows and […]

Events in Romsey

Situated in the Southern coast of England, Romsey is an amazing town, rich in history and in culture. It’s said that Romsey’s biggest asset is not its factories or its natural resources, but its people. And once you look at the history of the town you realize that this is true. The town has suffered […]