Romsey Lifestyle

You would think a quiet town of 15000 people wouldn’t have much activities going on, but the people of Romsey host several events, fairs and shows that you won’t want to miss. The Romsey amateur drama group unusually owns its own theater – amateur groups often have to rent their theaters or otherwise find alternative venues for their plays – and usually stage around ten productions a year, again a very high number. But theater isn’t the only thing that Romsey has to offer. Its restaurants and pubs are known to offer a variety of high quality local products, perfect for the traveler that likes to experience local cuisine.

Romsey also plays host to a series of events that are sure to capture your attention. The Mayor’s Picnic is incredibly interesting, especially with its “Duck Race” tradition. A number of plastic or wood ducks are released in the river and people bet on the one who’ll win the race. There are also a number of cultural events going on, such as the Beggars Fair and the Arts Festival.

But perhaps the most interesting event going on at Romsey is the “Romsey Show”: an agricultural show showcasing the best in British agriculture. It’s an amazing day out for all of the family, and it includes things that everyone can enjoy. People who are into gardening and livestock breeding alike will have a field day with all the contests and showcases in the fair, but that’s not where the fun stops. Things as diverse and far apart as falconry displays and hunting dog competitions take place, along with the family favorite “family dog” parade that any dog can enter. If you can only visit Romsey for a day, try to make it the day of the Romsey Show.

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