The Gates of the Test

The river Test is of enormous historical importance in England, and the town of Romsey is said to be its southern gate. The town, growing very close to Southampton, would be expected to be just another satellite town to a big metropolis, but it grew to importance of its own and is now still a respected center of culture, learning and of finance. The town withstood many turns in its lifestyle and economy which could have meant the death of other small towns, but the population of Romsey has always been able to fight it out and find new ways to keep their town hospitable and prosper. Nowadays the town still holds most of its old charm, with the Norman abbey still dominating the town, built upon the site of an older Saxon abbey. The city is in a privileged place, right in the mouth of the valley of the river test and close to Southampton and even to London. There are also direct routes from Romsey to Wales and the West of England, making it an attractive and convenient place for many people. This just adds convenience to the charm of the city, making it an increasingly welcoming place.

Visiting Romsey is as much about seeing the town as it is about meeting its people. 15000 inhabitants populate the town, and that’s 15000 people that you’ll want to meet. Romsey holds many events and fairs where townspeople are often participating as entertainers or volunteers, which lends an incredible charm and an almost familiar feeling to these events. And for those of you in search for something a bit different, Romsey is also considered to be one of the most haunted places in the UK, so watch your back.

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